Integration through Inspirations
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Integration through Inspirations. Non - formal education as a tool of the equalization of opportunities of youth at risk of social exclusion


„Integration through Inspirations. Non - formal education as a tool of the equalization of opportunities of youth at risk of social exclusion” is the answer to one of the major challenges that contemporary Europe has been facing - the fight against unemployement and social exclusion of young people. Assumptions of the Europe 2020 strategy clearly indicate the priority step aimed at improvement of the situation of young people, which is the reduction of early school leaving. Research shows that there are several factors affecting the premature leaving from the education system: poverty, lack of employment, low cultural and social capital, lack of educational aspirations in an environment of growing residence as well as limited access to institutions that are a potential source of the support. In addition to schools, institutions which are directly or indirectly involved in the process of equalization of opportunities for young people facing the risk of social exclusion are public aid institutions. Lack of the modern standards of work, institutional barriers and limited access of the personnel to courses of professional qualifications result in an inadequacy of support offered by the above mentioned institutions to the present needs. As a result, support for families facing the risk of the social exclusion is reduced only to the financial assistance. The experience of organisations, involved in the partnership, indicates that an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of public support institutions in the context of combating social exclusion of young people is the use of non-formal education methods. Learning through practice and experience is one of the most important tool in fostering young people's sense of self-awareness, motivation and responsibility for their own career and educational choices.


The main aim of the project is to increase the level of social integration of young people faced with the risk of the social exclusion through the widespread application of methods of non-formal education in public support institutions.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Increase the professional competence of the professionals in the field of use of non-formal education methods in working with young people faced with the risk of the social exclusion;
  • Preparation of a new form of support addressed to young people at the risk of the social exclusion by adapting the methods and techniques used in non-formal education to the conditions and practices of public support institutions;


  • The direct participants of the project will be the representatives of public institutions working with the socially excluded young people and their families – family assistants, social workers (and their counterparts in the partner countries).

  • The project is aimed at having impact on young people at risk of social exclusion -final recipients of the activation actions undertaken by the target group. We assume that each of the 45 direct participants will support at least five young people at risk of social exclusion and / or early school leavers.

In addition, the creation and dissemination of project may positively influence not only the representatives of the target group but also other stakeholders having a potential and real impact on the situation of young people: local, regional and national (in each partner country), social policy makers and education, experts, and, in general, personnel working with youth.


Achievement of the objectives mentioned above will be a direct consequence of the preparation of the following intellectual outputs:

  • Online educational platform "Integration through Inspirations" - an interactive educational tool aimed at the target group of the project and others interested in the subject of the project. The platform will contain workshops programms and plans of action as well as individual interviews. They will be using a variety of non-formal methods focused mainly on: motivation for self-development, continuation of an education, career counseling, youths’ talents and passions discovering.
  • Report coming from the focus groups "Determinants of an effective support for socially excluded youths" consisiting of an analysis of the target group’s needs and the expectations in the context of the use of non-formal education methods in order to prevent social exclusion of young people.
  • E - book: "Integration through Inspirations - non-formal educational methods in working with young people faced with the risk of the social exclusion". Manual of methods, tools and techniques that could be applied in a daily practice by representatives of the target groups.


  • Trainings for social workers and family assistants - each of the direct project participants will take part in the training devoted to the use of non-formal education tools in daily work with young people at risk of social exclusion;
  • Study visits for the representatives of the target group, during which trainees will observe the work of their colleagues from the partner countries;
  • Testing of the prepared methods and tools in daily work with young people;
  • Conferences on dissemination of the project results conducted in each partner country addressed to local, regional and national social policy makers, non - formal education experts and in general professionals working with young people.


Regiovision GmbH - an independent, owner-managed service enterprise and free project company, founded in 2002, and active for 12 years in the fields of labour market integration, recruitment service and corporate development. Core competence of RegioVision GmbH Schwerin is the conception, coordination and implementation of regional and European labour market projects. Since 2005 RegioVision GmbH Schwerin develops Curricula to support vocational education for unemployed people and continuous professional development. Therefore we operated with very different methods and processes, which have leaded to integration into labour marked of disadvantaged persons or contributed to secure jobs. Especially the method of holistic JobMentoring was developed and tested in practice. RegioVision has a strong experience in European project management and deals with numerous projects in order to integrate persons into employment who are difficult to place (refugees and other immigrants, people with low basic education, older people, youngsters with a precarious social background). This includes development of skills, motivation, activation, career counseling, vocational training, health care etc. Extensive professional experience in the use and teaching of non-formal educational methods RegioVision could gain through the organization of two Grundtvig workshops in the years 2012 and 2014. The first one, called “Take part and find your way”, focused on the personal development of young participants by an experience oriented approach. The second, called “Learn and train with all senses”, was aimed to teachers, coaches or freelance trainers, who work in adult literacy and/or basic education. For trainers in literacy courses it is of particular importance to create a feeling of success in finding other means of communication as well as other methods and to reduce sense of shame in order to enable learning without restraint. The workshop participants got to know three different methods which are all particularly appropriate to create just this unburdened learning atmosphere: theatre pedagogical approach – improv theatre, experience oriented approach – Metalog and Narrative approach – Storytelling.

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Decroly SL - is a VET institution that provides courses on Initial, Occupational and Continuous Education and training. A wide range of teachers deals with areas such as European Languages, Computer Technology, Business Administration and Tourism. DECROLY is a member of The Spanish Confederation of Educational Centres and of the European Net of centres EFVET. Decroly have nearly 300 students in VET and 2000 in Continuous Education. Main tasks: To design programmes of education together with the collaboration of prominent local businessmen, organizations, trade unions and local education. DECROLY is an experienced VET organization that works with “diverse people” and try to put them into labor market. Our slogan is “Attention to Diversity is the core of teachers and teacher educators’ training”. The Quality of education for everybody through equity and equal of opportunities is one of our main objective, so we design methods to include everybody into the social life. The age of our students are from 16 to 30 age. Each student has his own different individual characteristics which will affect his learning process, so, this is our work: everybody can reach the level but in different way. We design diversity program plan to be into the education system, adapting curricula to the level. Decroly has participated in numerous EU-projects. Thus, the organization will bring in this experience to transfer and adapt projects. DECROLY’s trainers will be actively involved in giving feedback and their experiences.

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    Projekt „Integracja Przez Inspiracje. Pozaformalne metody edukacji narzędziem wyrównywania szans młodzieży zagrożonej wykluczeniem społecznym”. jest realizowany w ramach programu Unii Europejskiej Erasmus +


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